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Player Props weekly spreadsheet

Signup for access to a weekly NFL Player props spreadsheet – Comparing the Passing, Receiving, Rushing and Receptions lines from around the UK books.

Easily the find the lowest and highest lines, see the average line, view historic lines to see whether they’re going up or down on a weekly basis (coming soon).

You know who you want to bet on, why waste time finding the best line? Let us do the leg work for you and maximise your profit without spending hours looking for the best line out there.

With weekly tips from expert tipsters and where to find their bets.

Week 4 now available, sign up below for access


Sign up using the contact form below.

Completing the form will send you to our PayPal.

The Sheet will be £5 per week, pay for as many weeks as you wish to receive access for and each Wednesday you’ll get the link to that weeks sheet in your inbox.